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Tank Capacity

Boom Width

Boom Types –


1200 / 1500 / 1800 / 2200 L

15 – 28 m


Easy operation – Full performance

Spray faster and carry more liquid. The MEGA sets new standards for lift-mounted sprayers. With its sleek and modern design and unparallelled comfort for the driver, we have designed a machine that will keep you spraying all day.

Minimum downtime
With the introduction of the SmartCom digital platform, we are not only offering you a fully ISOBUS-controlled sprayer, but also a minimum of downtime. Through diagnostics, our service team can assess the health of your machine to get you up and running quickly. The platform also supports the liquid system, thereby allowing faster spraying speeds with higher volume rates.

Superb comfort 
When in the field, the AirRide suspension will reduce shock loads on the machine, resulting in a more stable boom and higher comfort for the driver.

The HARDI SmartCom

A future of plug-and-play with unlimited capacity
The intelligent HARDI SmartCom platform offers the user a full ISOBUS experience, meaning easy connection to tractors and controllers. The faster processor also offers you a more accurate and responsive liquid regulation system, as well as the ultimate steering system, thanks to faster response times.

We have prepared the HARDI SmartCom for online connections, so you will be able to connect to your favorite cloud solutions.

We have developed the new HARDI SmartLink cable to give the service staff the possibility of updating the sprayer, diagnosing errors and adding features, directly from the HARDI ServiceTool.

All in all, with the HARDI SmartCom, you are prepared for the future.

AirRide suspension for impressive comfort

For your unparallelled comfort, both in the field and on the road, the lower linkage-mounted AirRide suspension is permanently active. This increases the work rate by isolating the shocks from the tractor, providing a more stable platform to spray from, thus improving boom stability and allowing for increased forward speed.

Time spent away from the field can also be reduced due to the higher road transport speeds allowed by AirRide and its superior operator comfort.

The PRO 15-18 m and VPZ 20-28 m

To meet all spraying requirements, we have designed and manufactured the PRO and VPZ booms, utilising our knowledge and experience as the world’s leading sprayer specialist.

The PRO booms 15-18 m have been equipped with an integrated AntiYaw dampening feature in the centre part to minimise the boom’s yaw movements.

The VPZ booms 20-28 m have integrated AntiYaw dampeners on the boom wings, while the lattice boom structure ensures a strong and rigid boom; the bases for exact and uniform spray distribution.

The nozzles, spray lines and hoses are all well protected within the boom design, and a spring-loaded break-away section protects the tip of the boom.

HARDI FrontTank

The HARDI front tank will give you extra options for your spray job, either as a nurse tank for bringing more water into the field, or combined with the main tank as one functioning unit.

The tank is made of high-impact polyethylene and has a liquid-free level indicator, located on top of the tank, for easy visibility from the driver’s seat. The linkage is made for a category 2 front linkage.

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Tank size (net/gross) 1200 1500 1800 2200
Pump 364 (194 l/min) X X X X
Pump 464 (280 l/min) X X X X
RinseTank 170 l 170 l 170 l 170 l
CleanWater tank 20 l 20 l 20 l 20 l