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Tank Capacity

Boom Width

Boom Types –


1500 – 3000 L

9 – 24 m



DX30+ at a glance

The DX30 et DX30+ fertilizer spreaders benefit from technological advances developed for spreaders designed for field crops. These innovations are tailored to the needs of mixed and livestock farming and offer simple and competitive solutions:

  1. Section cut-off / Isobus / Automatic weighing
  2. 12 to 36 m working width
  3. Hopper capacity 1500 to 3000 litres of fertiliser
  4. Width setting by feed point on the disc
  5. Quality controlled construction, ISO 9001-certified
  6. Long-lasting paint.

Constant application rate measurement with the SULKY weighing system

The SULKY weighing system: precision equipment

  • Target accuracy to the kilogram with automatic application rate adjustment from the cab.
  • A single, factory-calibrated weighing cell in 100% stainless steel, fully protected by the weighing frame, and not an increase in reference points

A competitive section cut-off that acts on the application rate, the DX30+ W-CONTROL

The W-CONTROL section cut-off helps minimise excess application of fertilizer across working widths of 18 to 36 m.

With a view to optimising distribution of fertilizer at the ends of fields and in corners via GPS, the action affecting the ‘application rate’ parameter is a sensible solution for the DX 30+ spreader as it avoids excess application of fertilizer and significantly improves distribution across the field.

The environmental assessment study conducted by IRSTEA and KEREVAL established the following.

  • 7% savings on fertilizer
  • 20% reduction in areas receiving insufficient or excess fertilizer


Sulky DX30 and DX30+ fertiliser spreaders with weighing and electrical control of the opening/closing of shutters may be connected to an ISOBUS Universal Terminal already present on the farm (compatibility with ISOBUS terminals referenced in the AEF database is guaranteed)

Simply adding an ISOLINK converter unit makes it possible to develop the fertiliser spreader into the ISOBUS version. This is a definite advantage when the fertiliser spreader is used by several people because it can be switched from ISOBUS to non-ISOBUS mode. In fact, one farmer can use his tractor’s Universal Terminal with the ISOLINK whilst the second can use the Sulky fertiliser spreader in non-ISOBUS mode if he is not equipped. In this case he will choose the VISION control kit, already well-known for the Sulky weighing versions.

This is a real advantage in terms of ease of use for the farmer and also a real argument when it comes to the resale of the machine.

The spreading widths you’re looking for … the easy way

The DX30+ model provides:

  • 36m with good quality fertiliser
  • 28m with any fertiliser

Graduated sectors redesigned for your convenience:

  • Large sectors for error-free width adjustments
  • Complete calibration visibility regardless of the number of hectares spread.

FERTIWAY width control system is the benchmark in centrifugal spreading.

Developed on the DPX range and perfected on the DX range, the FERTIWAY width control system is the benchmark in centrifugal spreading. It works by modifying the placement point of the fertiliser on the disc, using an exclusive output chute.

1- The chute: Angled chute guides the fertiliser accurately onto the disc.

2 – The placement point: the indispensable mechanism to guarantee large widths. Adjusting it does not require any change to the disc rotation speed or the ejection blades.

Tilted hopper doors: a detail that makes all the difference

3 important points:

  • Complete emptying of the hopper,
  • Shutters operable regardless of hopper load,
  • Instant opening/closing with no blockage possible.

Adjustments and emptying: finally enjoy something simple!

Once the chute is in place, simply cover the distance indicated on the scale then weigh the result obtained. This same scale will then give you the right settings for the shutters.

3 important points:

  • Maximum accessibility,
  • Quick-fit chute… no tools needed,
  • No difficult procedures.

Fertilise your borders instantly without getting off the tractor!

  • 100 % electric

Electronic control from the cab, no need to get off the tractor

No hydraulic distributor

  • No damaged seeds

Always based on changing the dropping point

No alteration to your fertiliser


TYPE DX 30 DX 30 DX 30 DX 30
Working width (1) 12-36 m 12-36 m 12-36 m 12-36 m
Hopper capacity (level) 900 l 1500 l 2100 l 2700 l
Overall width 2,29 m 2,29 m 2,29 m 2,29 m
Load dimensions 1,23 x 2,21 m 1,23 x 2,21 m 1,23 x 2,21 m 1,23 x 2,21 m
Loading height 0,90 m 1,10 m 1,30 m 1,50 m
Weight (indicative) weighing version 310 kg 350 kg 390 kg 430 kg
Payload 2 700 kg 2 700 kg 2 700 kg 2 700 kg

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