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High Performance

Welcome to Hardi South Africa

Hardi Crop Protection SA is the leading supplier of imported and locally manufactured crop spraying equipment. Focus is on Crop Protection Equipment suited to the South African conditions, diverse climates and needs. The Hardi product range is often referred to as the “benchmark” by which spraying equipment is judged. Our 1.5L hand held to the 275HP self-propelled units are available for all types of crops. We are also importers of the premium quality SULKY fertilizer spreaders & Agents for RADIUM agricultural products.

Hardi Crop Protection SA was Established in 1991

In addition to Hardi Sprayers the company recognised the need for quality precision spreaders which led to a healthy co-operation with Sulky-Burel importing Sulky Spreaders for more than a decade.

Hardi Crop Protection SA (PTY)

Both Hardi International and Sulky Burel are well established manufacturers renowned for high quality products providing our two mainline product ranges. Hardi Crop Protection SA with two facilities based in Johannesburg and Cape Town provides distribution through it established dealer network.