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Tank Capacity
Boom Width
Boom Types –

1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 1800 L
12 – 28 m


Simple, robust and easy to use

All key functions on the MASTER plus are unsurpassed. The integrated Quick Hitch, the well-arranged MANIFOLD fluid system and the versatile boom range are some of the key features making handling a pleasure and spraying efficient. The large range of high quality features makes the MASTER plus a perfect choice for the demands of the modern farmers


SelfSteer is coupled on the tractor’s 3-point hitch and gives a better tracking on headland. SelfSteer is a simple mechanical steering system with low maintenance and no operation or setting required by the operator during the spray job.


The control boxes are compact, ergonomically designed units that allow the operator’s right hand to naturally rest around the right side of the box. The logical switch layout puts all frequently used functions at the operator’s fingertips.


To meet the requirements of bigger sprayers and to improve lifetime, HARDI offers the 464 pump. A reduction in pressure drop has been avoided by improving the flow in the diaphragm tops.


The inner section is up to 1 m high. The folding cylinder is mounted near the centre section; the outer wing is pulled in and out by a strong wire. This system absorbs forward and backward movements of the outer boom wing.

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Pro booms

The PRO boom is designed and manufactured utilising our knowledge and experience as the world’s leading sprayer specialist. The boom offers every conceivable facility to meet different spraying requirements.

The PRO booms 20 to 28 m have integrated AntiYaw damper on the boom wings. The lattice boom structure ensures a strong and rigid boom; the bases for exact and uniform spray distribution. The nozzles, spray lines and hoses are all well protected within the boom design.


The HARDI TWIN is the most proven spraying system in the world and has shown its reliability. Its unique form of air assistance provides magnificent drift control, the highest fieldwork rate with benefits of notable chemical savings.


The whole range of PRO booms is equipped with an AntiYaw device. The AntiYaw is incorporated into the boom on VP and on the boom centre on VH. The anti yaw secures optimal spray application and minimizes stress on the sprayer.

Electro-hydraulic operation

All boom functions on the VPZ booms from 20 to 28 m can be electro-hydraulically operated, from a compact conveniently located control panel. The primary controls, those which are most used in the field, are grouped together for ease of use, such as boom height, independent tilting of either boom section and complete boom slanting. With all other controls conveniently placed to hand, the MASTER plus is easy to operate.


Tank size (net/gross) 1000 (1100) 1200 (1320) 1500 (1600) 1800 (1895)
Pump 1303 (114 l/min) · ·
Pump 364 (194 l/min) · · · ·
Pump 464 (280 l/min) · ·
Weight, kg Weight, kg Weight, kg Weight, kg Weight, kg
PRO 12 m – 12.5 m 922 955 1077 1089
PRO 15 m – 16 m 979 1012 1134 1146
PRO 18 m 1037 1070 1192 1204
PRO 20 m 1102 1135 1257 1269
PRO 21 m 1107 1140 1262 1274
PRO 24 m 1127 1160 1280 1292
PRO 27 m 1388 1400
PRO 28 m 1402 1414
TWIN STREAM 12 m 933 966
TWIN STREAM 15 m 1022 1055
Measurements, cm D A x B x C A x B x C A x B x C A x B x C
PRO 12 m – 12.5 225 153x253x271 166x253x271 183x253x271 183x253x271
PRO 15 m – 16 m 225 153x253x271 166x253x271 183x253x271 183x253x271
PRO 18 m 225 153x253x296 166x253x296 183x253x298 183x253x298
PRO 20 m 220 174x253x275 187x253x275 204x253x275 204x253x275
PRO 21 m 220 174x253x275 187x253x275 204x253x275 204x253x275
PRO 24 m 220 174x253x325 187x253x325 204x253x325 204x253x325
PRO 27 m 220 187x253x275 204x253x325 204x253x325
PRO 28 m 220 187x253x275 204x253x325 204x253x325
TWIN STREAM 12 m 260 190x260x271 203x260x271
TWIN STREAM 15 m 260 190x260x348 203x260x271