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Tank Capacity

Boom Width

Boom Types –


3000 L

21 – 30 m



A lower weight and more spraying days

The HARDI HELLIOS features a 3000 l main tank and aluminium booms of up to 30 m. width – and are thus a very cost effective solution for treating small to medium sized fields.

The HELLIOS III is the lightest sprayer in its category, with a unladen weight of just 7,2 tons. This, combined with its 170 HP engine and unique hydromechanical transmission concept allows the machine a very early start of the season operation – as it easily works on soft soil as well as a superb fuel economy.


The Chassis of the Hellios has been designed by our inhouse R&D services and is entirely assembled and welded in our premises. By making use of high resistance steel beams of 6mm thickness we ensure the machine has an exceptional mechanical resistance without generating excessive overall weight.


The ideal cab for crop spraying! Optimum driver protection, Higher air quality, Excellent comfort


The multifunctional joystick combined to the 8.4” color touchscreen offers unrivalled user comfort. All spray functions are centralized on the calculators and are at the driver’s fingertips through the HC 8600 console. This full featured and powerful precision farming tool allows data logging, DGPS controlled section management, autosteering, and much more!

Engine / Transmission

The Hellios III features a watercooled 4,4l 4 cylinder Perkins engine delivering 129 Kw/ 170 HP. The engine runs at a nominal speed of 1500 rpm which considerably reduces the noise level in the Cab.


The HELLIOS features a graduated induction hopper with 35 l capacity made of polyethylene. Quick and easy manual lowering/ locking for transport.


The advantages of having a front boom setup are the following:

Easy oversight of the spraying process as it all happens in front of the operator, the boom can easily be managed on the go.

Evenly balanced machine with booms up front and the engine to the rear end

Easy treatment of headlands or hard to access areas, no need to leave the plot

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Hills, wet grounds, slopes etc. The HELLIOS III goes everywhere!

With its hydromechanical transmission on the rear axle and hydraulic assistance on the front wheels, you will be able to easily cross difficult areas as hills, wet areas and slopes. With more torque to the ground, you will experience an improved drive efficiency and no power loss. And with its lower weight compared to conventional hydraulic drives you will see a better fuel economy.

HC 5500 Controller

The HC 5500 is a powerful computer making the spray features easier and safer to use and easily supplies more information when needed. It is the obvious choice where features like IntelliTrack and advanced farming tools are desired. The operator is instantly informed of the operation status and warned if vital parameters like pressure, speed, etc. are incorrect.

,p>It is advanced farming, ready with up to 98 register and connection possibilities to a site-specific application map or a remote sensor. Various optional extras like SprayRover, TankGauge or 12-V printer are available.

Four-wheel steering for excellent manoeuvrability

Thanks to the HELLIOS’s four-wheel steering system, the machine offers you unmatched traction and manoeuvrability. With the machine in Slope Mode, you are able to steer the rear-wheels and engage crab mode to safely operate on cross slopes, while preserving crops and soil, since the wheels will follow the same track and at the same time offer you a minimum turning radius.


Main tank 3000 l
Rinsing tank 300 l
Fuel tank 250 l
Min.-Max. track width 1.80 to 2.80 m
Overall width 2.55 m
Turning radius 3.60 m
Unladen weight 7.2 t
Front / Rear weight distribution* 45% / 55% (folded boom)
Front / Rear weight distribution* 40% / 60% (unfolded boom)