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Tank Capacity

Boom Width

Boom Types –


4200 L

50 m



Manage and control your fertilisation sites

  • Performances to delight even the most demanding
    • Exceptionally regular spreading
    • over very large widths up to 50 m
    • Extraordinary site application rate
    • Very high capacity up to 4200 l
  • Simplified logistics
  • Simple stress-free adjustment

3D view = actual spreading

The result of 30 years’ collaboration with IRSTEA (Ex-CEMAGREF), our knowledge of fertilisation is unparalleled.

  • Control of large widths, taking all area parameters into account
  • Fertiliser spreading in accordance with
    • Height
    • Width
    • Depth

The development of the CEMIB test bench has enabled us to have a 3D view of the actual fertiliser area.

Accuracy of spreading pattern – not just words

The Epsilon System patent enables multi-coverage and guarantees optimum distribution

4 “pure” layers of fertiliser per disc

  • Continuous pipeline of granules in 2 flows as the vane takes the material
  • Pattern maintained during centrifugal acceleration whatever the rate per hectare.

Digital technology that ensures full overlap

  • Optimal back-crossing between return run speading.
  • Consistent spreading for very wide widths.

Fertilise your borders instantly no need to get off the tractor!

  • 100 % electric

Electric control from the cab, no need to get off the tractor

No hydraulic distributor

  • No damaged seeds

placement point modified at all times

No alteration to your fertiliser

“Large width” setting becomes simple!

“Continuous” width setting with adjustable chute – modification of placement point on the disc

Invest in your safety

No gears, no discs, even no vanes to handle, especially in late spreading. Working width setting is carried out away from moving parts, in complete safety!

Manage application rate/hectare – manage your margins

1. Oscillating rate regulator:

Better than an agitator, it is self-clutching in headlands and at the ends of fields!

2. Record application rate

Up to 520 kg/min

Independent right/left modulation by GPS – you’ve been waiting for it … Sulky has produced it

Resulting from our collaboration with farmers at the cutting edge of precision agriculture, independent left and right dose modulation by GPS makes greater control over fertiliser inputs possible in transition zones, where the recommended application rate changes.

SULKY is the 1st manufacture in the world to provide the solution with its ISOBUS QUARTZ 800 Terminal or the ISOBUS John Deere Green Star 2630 Terminal.

Eyebolts for fast linkage

TYPE X 40+ X 40+ X 40+
Working width 12-44 m(1) 12-44 m(1) 12-44 m(1)
Hopper capacity (level) 1900 l 2500 l 3000 l
Overall width 2,70 m 2,70 m 2,98 m
Loading width 2,31 m 2,31 m 2,81 m
Loading height 1,23 m 1,41 m 1,52 m
Loading depth 1,17 m 1,17 m 1,17 m
Maximum flow rate 520 kg/min 520 kg/min 520 kg/min
Weight (indicative) weighing version 520 kg 550 kg 565 kg
Payload 3000 kg 3000 kg 3000 kg

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